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Specialist in 'ad hoc' organic chemistry analysis

Welcome to Peatfield Scientific Ltd

  Peatfield Scientific are specialists in "ad-hoc" organic chemistry analysis. Substance characterisation, identification and quantification of organic compounds / contaminants using a variety of analytical techniques. We offer a flexible service, able to respond to your needs and are always willing to develop methods to meet your requirements.  

The techniques available in-house include:  

* Gas chromatography (GC) using different detection methods (flame ionisation GC-FID, and mass spectrometry GC-MS). These are used for identification and quantification of volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds. Sample analysis is normally by extraction or dilution and direct injection or by headspace gas analysis.

* Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometry (FTIR). This versatile technique is useful for substance characterisation / identification / comparison with reference materials. We are able to analyse most solid and liquid samples.  

* High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) using UV and Fluorescence detection. Used for quantification of a variety of organic compounds in a variety of matrices.  We also have a number of other general laboratory techniques available to measure a great variety of parameters. Ovens, balances, titration equipment, spectrophotometers and sample preparation equipment. 

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